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About Moroccos Finest

Moroccos Finest was formed in December 2015 and are a UK Based company, who sources all products from South Morocco at its highest quality and purest organic form. Morocco’s Finest was originally an Amazon marketplace distributor, but we also wanted to have our own online presence and give our loyal customers the opportunity to buy directly from us at discounted prices.

We trade under Boxes Of Fun trading (uk) ltd. Our parent company is a leading award winning Moroccan producer and exporter of natural Argan Oils for culinary and cosmetic use, and soon Morocco’s Finest will bring to you new ranges and products gradually as our business grows. Our products are sourced in the south of Morocco in Agadir city and we provide pure argan oils and argan-based products with a huge passion and desire to care for our customers’ health and beauty needs.

All our oils are internationally recognised AB certification. By Ecocert NOP/USDA the official governing bodies for controlling quality standards, you can read more about these organisations below.



USDA is focused on helping natural farming develop and flourish. To meet Secretary Vilsack’s objective of expanding the quantity of affirmed natural operations, USDA is conveying results through its numerous projects which serve the developing organic industry. The USDA Organic Seal is about 15 years of age, and it has turned into a main worldwide standard.

European organic farming

European organic farming

The primary goal of the European organic farming logo is to make organic items simpler to be distinguished by the shoppers. Furthermore it gives a visual personality to the organic farming industry and therefore adds to guarantee general working of the inner market in this field.



ECOCERT was the original certification body to create benchmarks for "organic and natural cosmetics". Presented in 2003, the the specification was drawn up in conjunction with all partners in the value chain, i.e. specialists, suppliers, makers, merchants, buyers and development associations. ECOCERT right now backs and aides more than 1,000 organizations through their certification process.



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We source

We source our products from Agadir in South Morocco and only choose the finest quality organic supplies for our customers.

We develop

When our products are made, we take pride in the development process. From sourcing and preparing, to designing and packaging products we aim to please and meet all our customers needs.

We try

Going the extra mile to ensure we provide the best products and service for our customers is something we always try to achieve. All customer messages and queries are replied to as soon as possible by our staff, normally within 24 hours.

What our Customers Say


Hi there, i purchased the Moroccos Finest Argan Oil on Amazon. I was looking for something with high quality and this one delivers. My hair is healthier than ever. Glowing and radiant and my frizziness has gone. During childbirth i gained a few stretch marks and this oil also helps with that after my bath. Thanks guys. 🙂


Hi guys a big thumbs up to Moroccos Finest. The main reason i bought your oil was i needed help with my acne, and since i have been using this oil, my flair-ups have happened less. I also use this oil in my hair and my roots seem a lot more manageable and softer. Keep doing what your doing.